Short Bio

Installation View, "Medusa & Narcissus", Graduate exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2018).


Ronny Almagor, born in 1990. Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. A B.F.A Fine-Art graduate of Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2018).

Her painting style moves along an axis between figurative and abstractive and characterized by multiple color layers. Her works engaged with the painting medium itself, both as a two dimensional medium, and as a surface with dynamics between elements. In her paintings, the canvas constitutes a surface that enables to examine the medium through various painterly actions, as inventing compositions and “re-editing” forms and images.

Her works aim to discuss both the interactions between viewer and painting, and the abilities of images and colors to create space and movement.

Her works are found in various private collections in Israel. She exhibited in various group exhibitions including Discount Bank Tower, Tel Aviv (2019) and The Artists’ House, Rishon LeTzion (2019). Her first solo exhibition, “Point of View”, was displayed in Gallery Ben Ami, Tel Aviv (2019). 


Ronny Almagor